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so I got these pallets off of… ( go check it out it's awesome and easy to use ) and I was wondering which pallet do you guys these are my top favorites 
541388-d90368-f1e9da-2e294e-ffd400 by Pink-Anarchy.
264653-2a9d8f-e9c46a-f4a261-e76f51 by Pink-Anarchy
8789c0-45f0df-c2cae8-8380b6-111d4a by Pink-Anarchy
3e5641-a24936-d36135-282b28-83bca9 by Pink-Anarchy
D6fff6-231651-4dccbd-2374ab-ff8484 by Pink-Anarchy
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Now I know golem is in folklore but I want to put my own twist on them this is just a list that sounds cool to me... 
  • They only eat fruit
  • their heads are always an element Exp: fire heads 
  • their robes are different designs
  • most villages are filled with about 20 to 35 villagers
  • they are immortals but they can die from sickness or corruption 
  • that's all for now but ill make more stuff yo 
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  1. join a group meet some people.
  2. remember to be nice to people because they have feelings too.
  3. draw more
  4. figure out how the hell to put filters on my drawings.
  5. remember Rome wasn't built in a day that goes for art too.
  6. there are no rules to art its art.
  7. work on my art...duh.
  8. the lotion is good for the skin use it you dingus. 
  9. you cant eat milk unless its cheese. 
  10. work on background.
  11. also hands.
  12. feat.
  13. expressions. 
  14. also, make a comic. 
remember this is a todo list for me cuz I don't have any paper around me 
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